Anyone who reblogs this will get a letter from any fictional character who they reblog the name of. Or random, if you don’t give one.

Seriously. EVERYONE.

Hell YES



and it’s a mission from Sherlock

i need to solve stuff


Ichabod Crane or the Seventh Doctor would be really cool

the riddler would be pretty awesome

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A this photoshoot hurts me
A f(x)
A bitch face

inspired by (x)

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A and this is why we wait for her
A she's just really depressed right now
A she'll be back
A f(x)
A cao ni am


Sulli looking happy and excited as hell for their concert

video cr -> becomingpolpo noviewistrue

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A imu
A sighhhhs
A f(x)
A cao ni am
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A done
A f(x)
A bitch face
A snsd
A jessica

flirting: j&k style

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A hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog
A f(x)
A chapped lips


f(Amber)’s show ‘A SONG FOR YOU’ poster shoot.

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A well shit
A excuse me as I flood my house with my tears
A f(x)

My lovely f(x).. you are f(5) forever..<3 , now maybe have a some difficulty..but your fans will be here with you. Weather the storm together. f(x) is a f(amily). fighting f(x). i will waiting for you.. wait for sulli comeback to f(x)..  

I LOVE YOU, f(x). 1.2.3 f(x)!

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A fave performance for vic tbh
A f(x)
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A f(x)
A cao in ms


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OMYGOD. Whoever ombred the ‘red velvet’ girls hair… 11/10 for the crappiest job..THE HAIR IS GETTING TO ME. LOVE THE COLOUR. LOVE THE STYLE. BUT PLS DONT DYE IT STRAIGHT ACROSS, LIKE IT’S CHOPPED IN HALF. Sorry :( it got to me  

Lmao I’m positive that it’s just hair extensions and that’s why I looks that way

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