What if Big Byung legit wins Rookie Of the Year awards? Like their name is announced without even being nominated and Sungjae, Hyuk and N get up from their seats hesitantly like ‘should we go up?’ And then theres Jackson who jumps out of his seat screaming, rubs it in his members faces and runs up grabs the award doing a flip with it pounds on his chest then points to the heavens and then thanks himself first for their win. Asap Rocky being the second person he thanks.

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does got7 have a reality show yet?

they have real got7 and I got7

140820 jjysimsimtapa: 어이- 밀당의 고수!! 얼굴 좀 보여주지그래? | 영디의 숨막히는 옆태. 겨우 공개 😍

wanna know something that sucks?

I really like dynamic duo, like, I listen to them all the time

but I really dislike choiza because he’s an anus

the struggle



140824 WYF fans formed a 凡 at Shenzhen airport when they sent off Fanfan last night 

cr: _Gloriaaa ; wu_yi_fan

That is seriously the cutest thing. 😭

His reaction:


Seriously the cutest thing ever.

i’m in a Facebook group dedicated to EXO fans and they posted taohun only for someone to spam hunhan in the comments

like :—( pls