I’m looking at that Tiffany gif I reblogged a little while ago and I noticed there are Tiffany melons I’m screaming

140913 Crayon Pop after CBS Loving You concert | ©  웨이리미니


140822 Gimpo Airport
(c) 남자는핑크


140915 Chrome Staff’s Fancafe Update with Choa’s selca

what happened with yixing?

People are acting like they’re social justice activists as usual and saying he’s homophobic by saying “please don’t misunderstand” about EXO saying who they would date if the members were female.

Like— If you were being shipped with your best friend, wouldn’t you feel weird and not want people to misunderstand? Because you never think of your friend that way. So why would you think it’s okay for people to imagine you and your friend having sex together? Of course you’d say the same thing, regardless of your sexuality.

Anyway, he didn’t say anything homophobic. Doesn’t matter. I’m just sick of people acting like everything is wrong with what someone says because they need a reason to hate on a group they dislike.


gifs made from/credit:  Nine Muses - Gun @131102 MBC Music Core

on a random note
someone on twitter thought I was a fanboy because of my u/n and spazzing tendencies about f(x)