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krystal looked really down when they won for mcountdown… I hope everything is okay. maybe she was just not feeling well? the winning stage looks empty withut sulli too.

I would like to see an ot5 win pls

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Honestly, why are some f(x) fans such assholes when it comes to Sulli? Why are most people assholes when it comes to Sulli period? No, f(x) is NOT a better group without Sulli. I saw her doing her best during this comeback and she’s had so much more charisma on stage that I feel really proud of her. And please don’t tell me she’s ‘expressionless’ during Red Light. RED LIGHT IS NOT A HAPPY AND GO LUCKY SONG. She had been smiling plenty during the All Night and Milk performances. Now, she was sick during most of the RPP era and now she’s sick again so when people are not moaning about how she’s ‘too lazy’ or how she ‘doesn’t care’… you are literally telling her to get up and perform when she’s not feeling well? The last time I checked, once she performed while she was sick and people attacked her left and right for not trying her best during performances, so what gives? This is her health, she does not need to perform is she is not feeling well, get through your thick skulls. No matter what she does, I swear some people will find a way to misconstrue it and attack her jfc.

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A we need ot5 up there dude
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F(x)’s Red Light No.1 @ Show Champion today

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Sulli for Ceci Magazine, August 2014

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140716 | Fashion Kode | Credit: Mars

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you are married to your icon for 1 year congrats

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A red light is sullis best era rn
A same as lunas
A tbh no red light is the best f(x) era
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A guys look I have had a side blog for rp help
A and I finally decided to start it again
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